Gérman Toro Pérez


  Toro Pérez, G. (composer). Rothko IV (2008), 2-chanel electroacoustic composition. In «30/4 electroacoustic music and sound art from austria» (2017). GEM 1702.


  Toro Pérez, G. (Ed. & performer). «Les Espaces Électroacoustiques. Masterpieces of electroacoustic music presented in 5.1. surround and stereo» (2016). Col legno. WWE 2SACD40002.

Wrestling Samoa r

  Toro Pérez, G. (composer). Signos Oscilantes for saxophone and electronics (2012). PHACE / Duo Saxophonics, Lars Mlekusch, Sax; Florian Bogner, Electronics. In «Wrestling Samoa, works for saxophone, ensemble and electronics» (2015). PHACE, PHA 001.

01 KoFoMi15

Toro Pérez, G. (composer).  Ecos III / Mittersill for double bass, string trio and live-electronics (2011). Ensemble Die Reihe / Gottfried Rabl / Germán Toro Pérez.
In «KoFuMi#15 Strom» (2012). Ein_klang records, EKR 045/046.
02 shortCuts  

Toro Pérez, G. (composer).  
En Vilo, for two Bass Clarinets (2008).

In «Short Cuts». Ein_klang records, EKR 045/046.

In «ShortCuts». Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, Issue 5/2010, CD-Supplement, Schott Edition.

03 102Masterpieces   Toro Pérez, G. (composer). (2010). veRSO,
Miniatur für grosses Orchester, in 102 Masterpieces,
Radio Symphonieorchester Wien. Capriccio 5051.
04 newton   Toro Pérez, G. (composer, performer). (2007).
Inventario II, for piano and electronics
Richard Pfadenhauer - piano, Germán Toro Pérez - electronics.
In Newton / KlavierElektronikEnsemble. Ostblock records.
05 cd-scans4   Toro Pérez, G. (composer). (1998). Estudio de ruidos y campanas. 8-channel electroacoustic composition. In «Electroacoustic wave in Colombia». ACME (Colombian Society of Electroacoustic Music).
06 elekronischerFruehling   Toro Pérez, G. (composer, performer). (1996). Stichwörter.Improvisation für Bassklarinette und Live-Elektronik. In «Elektronischer Frühling 1992-1996». GEM (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Elektroakustische Musik).